Seller Machinery Import & Export

Seller Machinery Import&Export company offers the best deals in Turkey.

Seller Machinery Import & Export collaborates with almost all the metal working manufacturers in Turkey and supplies the World class Turkish metal working machines to the Middle East, CIS nations, North African and Europe. 


We offer to our customers the best quality, competitive price and after-sale technical service to the industry that we are aiming to be the leading companies. We not only supply equipment, but also help the client by managing the entire sourcing process in Turkey such as finding manufacturers of metal working machines, technical support , negotiating price , quality control , managing logistic and so on. As part of our quality control services, we also provide miscellaneous services and manage and plan our client’s visit to our company and manufacturer factory visits and providing translators. This ensures that the clients can maximize the results of their visit.

We have big experience in metal working machines in Turkish market and we are able to make quotation and make delivery of goods in a short period of time and under the most favorable conditions.


Our services include:


Supplying metal working machines

Factory visit / quality audits

Contract administration

Organizing of Logistics and Shipping

Technic service